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Feature update

Feature Update - New portfolio metrics, group comparisons + bug fixes

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Shared by Zazala • September 21, 2023

Hi there,

We have some really exciting new features! Let's dive into them.

Feature Updates

CO2-eq equivalencies in eco forecast

  • Explaining your packaging impact to stakeholders becomes even easier with the new CO2-eq examples in your eco forecast. It visualizes exactly what your carbon footprint number means in recognizable metrics.

New Portfolio Dashboard

  • You now have average dashboard metrics in the top of your portfolio overview! Gain instant insights into the average impact metrics of your inventory products. Additionally, you can filter the metrics based on selecting inventory products.

Introducing: product groups in portfolio!

  • Create groups of products: you can now add and edit inventory products to a group in your portfolio overview.
  • Compare groups of products: you can now also compare the impact of product groups in the comparison feature. Enabling you to build portfolio cases for customers.

Bug fixes

We also fixed some bugs:

  • Improved CSV importing (speed + import metrics)
  • Improved loading speed in comparison feature
  • Improved transport functionality in product form

Have questions about any of the feature updates? Message us in the chat!

Feature update

Big Feature update! Embed impact widgets on your website + share QR codes with customers

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Shared by Zazala • August 23, 2023

Hi there,

Pickler's goal is to ensure you can effortlessly share your packaging footprints with any stakeholders.

Our new sharing features - will wow your customers.

Improved share menu:

When you click on 'share' in your eco forecast, you now get a sleeker-looking menu. Including a couple of exciting new sharing options:

  • Share your results via QR code: You can now easily share your comparisons or eco forecast with a QR code. Add your logo to the QR code and put it on any type of page or packaging for anyone to scan.
  • Impact widgets for websites & e-commerce: Add your footprint data - in the form of impact cards, to any page on your website. By simply copying the code and pasting it into your website code.

New navigation bar:

  • You now have a learn button in your navigation bar in the eco forecast and comparison overview. It takes you to all the necessary info you need to understand and optimally use the features.

New environmental impact score design:

  • We've updated the design of the eco score in your eco forecast overview. Check it out!

Have questions about any of the feature updates? Message us in the chat!

Feature update

Feature Update - Add extra production methods + Default transport values

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Shared by Zazala • July 27, 2023

Hi there,

It's even easier to add a product to Pickler now, with the following new updates:

Improved product form:

  • Extra measurement units: You can now change the measurement unit of your materials to share (%), grams, mU, and Gsm.

  • Component Grouping: All materials and production methods are now grouped per component. Your comparison results are structured the same way.
  • Add multiple production methods: Add multiple production methods and locations for individual materials. This makes your footprint even more detailed.
  • Drag and drop production - and transport order: Change the order of production and add multiple transport distances according to the number of production locations.
  • Default transport values: Don't know the transport type from your production to the warehouse location? Click "unspecified transport" and fill in the worst-case default value of:

- 1.000 KM for inland transport with truck and container.

- 20.000 KM distance with a typical container ship.

Have questions about any of the feature updates? Message us in the chat!

Feature update

Feature Update - Pickler's 100% ACM approved! + Updated Environmental Impact score (& iFrames)

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Shared by Zazala • June 09, 2023

Hi there,

Some amazing new updates are live! (click on images to zoom)

1. Pickler is approved by the Dutch Authority for Consumer & Market (ACM)

We want to ensure all your claims are in line with anti-greenwash guidelines and standards. Pickler's eco forecast and environmental score have extensively been checked and approved by the ACM: the Dutch authority for consumer & market protection.

Meaning: Pickler's results are completely greenwash-free!

2. Updated Environmental impact score! (+ improved iFrames)

All titles, text, and results in our iFrames are improved and extensively explained, to 100% align with the guidelines of the Dutch ACM and EU Green Claims Directive.

3. Improved eco costs overview

Your eco costs overview is now even more in line with the EU's CSRD and Green Claims Directive.

We've included the 4 core impact categories required for EU reporting, expressed in eco costs. Instead of just your packaging's carbon footprint.

4. You can now make product comparisons per piece or kg!

4. Verified & Draft status for products

You now get an extra check for your product's status to improve your output's credibility (in line with ACM's guidelines). Not sure if your product's filled out as completely as possible yet? Keep it on 'Draft'. Sure your product's honest & transparently filled out? Put it on 'Verified'.

5. No products yet? Access our standard demo product to get started!

To help you get started with Pickler even faster - view our standard demo product 'Demo Carton Box' in your account.

Feature update

Feature Update - CSV improvements + More Profile data!

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Shared by Zazala • May 09, 2023

Hi there,

We've got some small updates for you. Let's dive in.

1. Upload new CSV files that match your data.

We further improved our CSV import functionality. You can now upload a new CSV that matches your current data in Pickler. Making new data easier to manage!

2. Manage more profile data

There are now more options to manage your profile data! You can even upload a nice profile picture.

3. More small tweaks!

  • We now have more filter options.
  • You can share comparisons with scenario products. Once your scenario product is finished and double-checked, click on 'edit', save it as an inventory product, and share.

  • There's now decimal input for your product quantity.

Feature update

Feature Update - CSV Import & Bulk Delete

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Shared by Zazala • May 09, 2023

Hi there,

We've got 3 great new feature updates for you!

(click to see full images)

1. Effortlessly import CSV files

It's now possible to import your CSV files. This makes it easier to import and manage large amounts of products from your own inventory. 100 products in one go? Check.

2. Bulk Edit & Delete

You can now edit and delete products in bulk. Great if you want to change a material or process in a range of products. Or just want to get rid of all of them.

3. Extra product fields (more filter options!)

You can now add extra information under ádditional details". in your product page. For example, a product image, product category, sales price, etc. This way you can easily filter and find the products you need - with just some quick info at hand.

Product update
Feature update

Big speed improvement for the portfolio page is live now!

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Shared by Daan • April 06, 2023

Hi there,

We noticed that the portfolio page was getting slow. Ticking checkboxes could take up 2 seconds. Not what we want.

Therefore we fixed this and just released an update.

Feature update

Feature update 14 - 28 March 2022

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Shared by Daan • April 06, 2023

Hi there,

Hereby the biggest updates to Pickler.

Tooltips, messenger and communication

It's now possible to find all the information you need within a click. Using intercom, we intergrated all the documentation on how to use Pickler and how our methodology works.

You can also chat with us directly.

Portfolio page speed has been improved

We drastically improved the speed when more than 15 products are present.

End of life is redesigned

More attention to different waste treament scenarios for every material.

Custom production methods added

It's now possible to enter custom product methods with custom energy use.